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Bewildered and confused about how to create a productive and welcoming green space in your small yard, patio or balcony?  

Let’s face it, gardening can be intimidating for the novice!  Whether you’ve got a small plot, a balcony, or a patio, I offer the experience, expertise and inspiration you need so you can avoid the mistakes and disappointment.

I share gardening inspiration, tips, tutorials, guides, and more to help you create the garden space of your dreams with confidence.

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Your Complete Guide to Growing 21 Top Culinary Herbs

Growing Culinary Herbs will inspire you to grow your own herbs, regardless of where you live. You'll discover gardening methods  suited to your local conditions and climate, how to design your space for top results, and the most common herbs to grow in your gardens or in containers.

The planting guide reveals a multitude of methods to grow and to use these healthy, aromatic and flavourful herbs that will earn you rave reviews at mealtime.

Have you ever said, “Well, I grow herbs but I really don’t how to use them. Parsley is great, and I make a bit of basil pesto, but I don’t really use many of them. I’m just not sure which herbs go with what.”  

This book makes it easy for you!

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Gardening should be fun, not hard work.  We share our experience  so you can avoid mistakes.

diy projects

Fun ideas & clever projects to turn your garden space into a beautiful and productive spot.


We love sharing recipes that incorporate the berries, herbs and veggies we've grown.

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Nicolette Goff is a creative artist, accomplished writer, and dedicated gardener. 

Passionate about what she does, her gardening books, articles, photos and paintings reveal her love of nature and the western Canadian scene.

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